Revised 1999
Revised 2003
Revised 2010
Revised 2015
Revised 2017
Revised 2022, Accepted unanimously at Business Meeting June 28, 2022 (without dues increase)

  1. Name

The name of this Division shall be the Industrial Engineering Division (IED) of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).

  1. Purpose

The purposes of this Division are identical with those of the Society as stated in Article I of the Constitution, but with special emphasis on those objectives as they pertain to the field of industrial engineering.

  1. Membership

Membership of this Division shall consist of those members of the Society who wish to affiliate with this Division and pay ($4) annual membership dues charged by ASEE.

  1. Organization and Officers

The Division shall be administered by an Executive Committee of officers comprised of five members. The officers will serve in a five-year rotation in the following roles: Secretary/Treasurer, Program Chair-elect, Program Chair, Division Chair, and Past Division Chair (serving as the Awards Chair). In addition, a Webmaster and Board of Directors will serve the division as non-rotating officers. The Division Chair serves on the Board of the Professional Interest Council No. II (PIC II) of the Society according to the Bylaws of that Council. At the end of the term, the Division Chair shall serve in the capacity of Past Division Chair/Awards Chair for one year. The officer rotation is a five-year commitment beginning with Secretary/Treasurer and ending with the Awards Chair position. See Supplement A to this document titled “IED Supplement to Bylaws” for a full explanation of officer duties.

In addition to the Executive Committee Officers, positions may be formally established within the IED organization by amending these bylaws through a majority vote at the annual business meeting. Other positions may be informally established at the pleasure of the Division Chair. Vacancies may be filled by majority vote at the annual business meeting or by appointment of the Division Chair when the vacancy occurs between annual meetings.

  1. Election of Officers
  1. The Chair of the Division shall retire at the end of each Annual Meeting. The Division Chair will be automatically succeeded by the Program Chair, the Program Chair shall be succeeded by the Program Chair-elect, and the Program Chair-elect shall be succeeded by the Secretary/Treasurer: unless the provisions of Sec.5 (c.) conflict.
  2. A new Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected by the members of the Division present at the time and place of the Annual Meeting. Nominations shall be solicited in advance by the executive officers and also taken during the business meeting.
  3. In addition to the above method specified for providing for the Division officers, additional names may be nominated for any office upon the presentation of such nominations signed by five members of the Division present at the time and place of the Annual Meeting. These nominations shall be voted upon together with the name of the member who would normally succeed to the office in question.
  4. In the event that either the Division Chair or Program Chair is unable to serve on the board of PIC II, the Division Chair (or, in the absence, another Executive Committee officer) shall appoint a substitute.
  1. Meeting and Activities
  1. The Division Executive Committee shall arrange for a Business Meeting of the Division to be held concurrently with the Annual Meeting of the Society.
  2. The Division Executive Committee shall administer such other activities as may be desirable for the promotion of the purposes of the Division, including the appointment of special temporary committees.
  3. Members of the Society and other interested persons shall be eligible to attend all meetings of the Division.
  4. The Division shall have the right to levy dues on its members within the constraints imposed by the Society upon a majority vote of the membership attending an Annual Meeting. Authority for expenditures of such funds for Division business shall be vested in the Division Executive Committee acting through the Division Chair.
  1. Publications
  1. All papers presented at meetings of the Division become the property of the Society and may be recommended for publication in the Journal of Engineering Education or in the publications of the Division as is deemed proper by the Executive Committee of the Division. Papers not recommended for publication shall be returned to the authors and shall no longer be considered the property of the Society.
  2. As per the Society schedule each year, the Program Chair will ask certain members to prepare papers and presentations and act as moderators during IED sessions. The Program Chair will be responsible for all phases of IED program execution at the Annual Conference.
  1. Awards

The following awards may be given annually to worthy members of the Division:

  • IED Best Paper Award
  • New Industrial Engineering Educator Outstanding Paper Award
  • IE Travel Grant for New Attendees
  • IED Outstanding Student Paper Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Distinguished Service Award
  1. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The Industrial Engineering Division is committed to fostering collaborative and inclusive environments that value equity and celebrate diversity. The Industrial Engineering Division commits to ensuring that we continually challenge ourselves to deepen and broaden our understanding of inequities, so that we are prepared to take action to transform our division, ASEE, our institutions, universities, and the whole of the engineering community.

  1. Amendments
  1. Amendments to these bylaws may be made at any annual meeting of the Division upon an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present. Alternatively, these bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members responding to a mail or e-mail ballot of the Division’s membership.
  2. Proposed amendments are to be prepared by the committee of three members appointed by the Chair of the Division. The amendments should be sent to the members of the Division not later than 15 days before they are to be voted upon. Exceptions to this timeframe may be necessary to expedite approval within the conference schedule.
  3. Amendments approved by the Division membership shall be submitted through the PIC II Chair for approval by a majority vote of the ASEE Board of Directors and shall take effect only upon such approval.